Thursday, May 03, 2007

10 things meme

I have been tagged (for the first time on blog) by Trish at The Coffee Shop. Now, i am supposed to write 10 things about myself and tag 10 other people after that. So, here goes...

1. The job i am currently working at is my second job. I lasted my first one for 22 months. I was hoping to last two complete years. Hopefully, with this one i will.

2. My job involves working with poor women doing micro business. And i love my job.

3. My supervisor says that i am possibly the only person in the organization who can relate well both with the senior managment and with the women in their huts. And that makes me special!! Yay!! *patting my own back*

4. I have lived away from home for more than half my life.

5. I am a very prejudiced person. I am prejudiced against certain people groups and nationalities. And i am not proud of that. And i am working on that.

6. I am a Hindu baktha (devotee) of Muktinath (Jesus Christ).

7. I like music that sounds dark and gloomy. No, i don't think i am depressive (except when i pms) but such music helps me focus. That brings me to the point that most of my music listening happens when i work.

8. I am an INFP on Myers-Briggs personality test. And the profile seems to be pretty accurate.

9. I want to get married. But i haven't met anybody that i think i can marry.

10. I love chocolate and coffee but i don't think i am addicted to either. And i don't overdo either. Ah well, i do occassionally overdo chocolate. Anju thinks that my preference for coffee is a result of the pop coffee culture. And i disagree.

And since i have this obession for eleven things at the moment...

11. I ride an automatic scooter. And think it better than driving a car as you can zip through traffic jams! I do wear a helmet. But occassionally, when i feel lazy, i don't.

Now to tag 10 people...







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It's your turn now people...

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Trish said...

I love that you help poor women learn business...and the fact that you can relate to both ends is special indeed. *patting your back too*

About the prejudice...I think we all have a somewhat prejudiced view of other people and cultures. Some more than others. But it's how and if we act it out. Thinking it is not as bad as commiting hate crimes.

Chocolate and coffee are tops in my book.

Great list!

Wolfsong said...

You tagged me??!! now I have to think of 10 things about myself?! I never did get that tagged concept!

bungi said...

Thanks Trish. :D

Anju - Yes, i tagged you. Yes, you have to think of 10 things about yourself (which i don't think is a tough task for you as you think a lot about yourself :P). What is it that you did not get about being tagged? You get tagged and you tag others. Simple.

johndiamond said...


was fun doing the Myers Briggs again (think this is my third time). And you know what INFP stands for (at least according to someone who helped us with this) I Never Find Perfection. Does that sort of describe you?

bungi said...

Probably. I know that i don't start on many a things simply because i am not sure i can do it perfectly - or there are still more things that need to be researched and taken into cosideration before i begin it.

And when i do accomplish something, it is never an accomplishment as it wasn't done perfectly. I tend to think of the things that have gone wrong.

Above all, the area i struggle with most is, i don't find perfection with me. And that bothers me a great deal.

I know it is not healthy and i am trying to work on it and appreciate myself when i do accomplish something instead of nitpick.