Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Update on eleven things

An update on the eleven things i had written some days ago.

1. Don't have the intense craving for something sweet now. Although i wouldn't mind a nice piece of creamy cake. (It is Maddy's fault. She was talking about black forest cake.)

2. Not listening to any music. Can only hear the steady hum of the air-con and my fingers on the keyboard.
3. My water bottle is empty. But i am not going to refill it as it is time to leave.
4. Again, i misspelt 'bottle' once before i got it right! (I don't believe this!!)

5. I finished the report i started on and even mailed it!

6. So, from the four reports i had to do i have completed three.

7. (No update for point #7)

8. I still have two more reports to go. I got a mail reminding about another report that needs to be done besides the four reports i was talking about.
9. I shortlisted and i spoke to my boss but i still need to finalize what i am sticking with.
10. Thank God i put down this point about printing train ticket. When i was re-reading this post at home, i remembered to take my ticket with me!
11. Not lazy now.

1 comment:

Wolfsong said...

You should call it Bungi's eleven! hahaha. I'm in a corny mood.