Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Have you ever tried imagining that perfect moment? And when that perfect moment does happen it doesn't seem to have the magic that you imagined it would have. It is kind of disappointing, eh?

Everything tells us that there is something such as that perfect moment and if you buy their product or if you stay in their hotel or use their spa or fly this airlines or go to this country, you will find that perfect moment that they advertise. It is not only the advertisements. When others tell us of their vacation or their job or their marriage, when we look at their pictures, relate stories of what happened when they grew up, we imagine such perfect moments for ourselves. But we never seem to find it really. Why is that so?!

I think it is because we fail to live in the moment now. We are more interested in seeking moments that others have had. But our lives are filled with such moments. And these moments punctuate the mundane of everyday life. We needn't search for it the airlines and hotels.

Even when such moments happen to us, it may just seems so ordinary. We get disappointed because we haven't learnt to treasure such moments in our everyday life. And there are times when the extraordinary do occur, but we end up not being aware of it as we haven't learnt to treasure the moments.

Another thing is we expect life to be series of such moments without interruption. But these moments are interspersed with the ordinary and the mundane. If you let the ordinary and mundane bore you, you will not find the moments that do happen when you are not looking for it.

Don't know if I make sense. Anyways, these are my thoughts.


The Unknown said...

I do believe that aswell, and have been thinking a lot about that. People have too much a sense of 'time' there for they don't fullfill their current needs for a happier state. They'll do it later, since they have all the 'time'.

Madhuri said...

Totally relate to this. One's birthday is always built up to be a day of fun- a perfect day... Guess I always set expectations way too high and tend to forget to enjoy it while it lasts... Someone once told me - "have zero expectations.. that way you will never be disappointed with the outcome.." Too cynical is what I think.. Well, I don't think i want to take that piece of advice!!

scorpio said...

A nice blog and one I'm going to visit regularly

bungi said...

> the unknown - Yeah. I think we dwell too much on planning to have fun in the future we let the moment slip by now - when this moment could have been the perfect one that we have always been planning.

> Maddy - Ummm... Don't know about zero expectations and too much expectations. I guess as people, it is difficult not to expect. But i guess it is a wise thing not to plan in our head what the surprise will be. Don't know if you are getting me. Well, it is good to expect but don't go into the details. :P

> scorpio - Thank you. Hope you enjoy my musings. :)

johndiamond said...

Ya, I guesss... We keep doing that. Blame it on human nature.

But then when people hear that they have only so long to live, they start or claim to start treasuring every moment. Guess we must realize that at best, we will live for only so long. That would help, I guess in being able to enjoy the moment, the mundane things of life.