Tuesday, September 04, 2007

8 + 4 random stuff...

Jollyroger tagged me ages ago. And since I haven't written in a long time I thought I will do this meme. However, I don't think I will be tagging anyone. Well, let's just say consider yourself tagged when you do comment to this post, but then again not if you don't want to be tagged. So, here goes my 8 (+ 3… + 1)

I am supposed to write 8 random facts about myself. And I have chosen to write about things I have been currently (pre)occupied with… In other words, the reasons why I haven't been regular with my blog.

1. Work - Yes. I know it sounds lame, but the slow days seem to be kind of over. It happens in seasons for me. So, may be more during the next slow season.

2. I have started getting my life back in order. With a few 'goodbyes' and fewer 'welcome backs' all one after the other, my life had gone haywire. Now I am slowly building back my schedules. And I will learn to fit in blogging into that as well. Until then please be gracious.

3. Brain drain - Did mention that I am working hard? A lot of my work over the last month involved racking my brain real hard. And that had drained all my brain juices. Hence, I wasn't able to think up any new stuff. I still am not able to think about any new stuff. I don't even want to try. I am THAT tired.

4. Swimming has been going on regularly. I wanted to be disciplined about that. This was part of putting the schedule back in order. Also, I have been trying to go to bed earlier than usual. All this has affected my blogging.

5. I have been hooked to Scrabbles on Facebook. Oops. I have let the cat out of the bag…

6. I have started reading the newpaper! I know, I know… Once upon a time, I was going to write a whole post on why I don't read the newspaper.

7. I am trying to get a lot more reading done. And I have been pretty good with that. I am currently in the middle of three books. One fiction. One non fiction. One faith-related.

8. Talking about faith, I am also trying to be disciplined about my time spent alone with God.

9. The city traffic! It has been getting worse. And I kid not. It is not an illusion… Added to this is the increased amount of travel within the city (work-related travel that is).

This has added to my stress levels and preoccupation levels.

10. I have been watching a lot of movies lately. At least, a lot more than usual.

11. Been spending more time with people face-to-face than during the last two months.

12. Guess I am tired of thinking and troubling my poor little head. So, I just took a break from thinking. Now that I have started reading the newspaper, guess I will begin to stir up the gray matter more and more. So hopefully…


The Mahathma said...

I am missing you!

Pravin said...

yeah! me too :D

The Mahathma said...

but me more :p

Bungi said...