Saturday, April 07, 2007

Are you listening?

Ok. I have made a decision. I am posting some of my favorite entries from my old blog. I will be sprinkling it in along with my regular postings. So here is the very first of the old ones. Hope you enjoy them.

Have you been in a situation where you feel that you are not being listened to? You are speaking a lot of things, but the people are not listening to you. They are either in their own world or they are busy jumping topics.

Another sort of situation – you are in a big group. You are sort of competing to be heard. After a point you just clam up because there is no point in saying what you are saying. Some other times you clam up merely because you don’t want to say something stupid and for the fear of ridicule. At least you appear wise when you shut up and give that intellectual look.

Well, I shut up for various reasons. But I do feel not listened to. I was thinking about it day before yesterday. Actually, even if you are allowed to speak your gut out and the people hear you out, you are still going to feel un-listened to.

The time you feel truly listened is when you are accepted for who you are – with all your blunders and stupid statements. Being listened to has more to do than the words you speak. It is to do with your heart and being accepted. It is more than and beyond the words you speak. If you actually look at it, you feel truly listened to when you don’t have to say anything at all.


Wolfsong said...

so do you practise that "cock-your-head-to-one-side-and-look-interested" look? :p
I like the "I feel..." thing on your blog! I want one! You get a pet too and I'll get a feel thing.

bungi said...

Ahem... Do you want me to be honest about practising that look? I will choose to leave that unanswered.

Yeah. I think i will get a pet. Sounds like a good swap!

johndiamond said...

It is horrible when people dont want to listen to you isn't it. I guess that is one of the reasons people become politicians (or teachers and better still lecturers), you can drone on and on and there is someone to listen.

bungi said...

You know, i think listening is crucial if you want to excel in any of the three professions you mentioned. People can get away without listening but if one really, really wants to excel in these, they better listen.