Friday, April 27, 2007

Eleven things


1. I have this intense craving for something sweet.
2. Listening to Enya. Don't think this is the kind of music i should listen to post lunch.
3. I need to refill my water bottle.
4. For a minute i forgot how to spell 'bottle'.

5. I am trying to get started on this report.

6. From four reports that needed submitting, i have come down to two.

7. No, i did not do all those reports today. They were done over a period of time.

8. So, i have only two more silly reports to go.
9. I need to look at the list of things that i can possibly do around here and shortlist it to two or three things.
10. I need to print my train ticket.
11. I am feeling lazy.


Me said...

I never thought of that but you are right - Enya should never be listened to after lunch.
It's a Friday, you are officially entitled to feel lazy :)

bungi said...

Yeah. It is ok if i feel lazy on friday but i have been procrastinating the whole week!!!

You know, i am so used to calling you 'Me', i had trouble recalling your real name at some point! :P

Wolfsong said...

Very clever idea for a post! I like such lists.
1) I'm wasting my time
2) Commenting on your blog
3) Staying up too late

oh...first two are not connected...don't get paranoid! ;p

Me said...

bungi - are you serious about the real name bit? I am emailing your right now!

bungi said...

@ Me - LOLOL... Not quite but almost for moment since i got so used to addressing you 'me'...