Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I don’t really feel like writing about my birthday. I am feeling very lazy at the moment. But if I don’t write now, I don’t think I will ever get to doing that.

Sapna, along with my brother was planning the surprise. Now, a couple of things about Sapna. It is very, very difficult for her to keep her mouth shut. And we both were sharing the apartment at that time. Besides, the planning for it started at least two weeks early. One golden rule here. Don’t plan a surprise for longer than a week. It is bound to get out.

The thing this time was, I wasn’t even out to spoil the surprise or anything like that. I am usually like that - kinda nose around and find out what is brewing. This time, I promise, I wasn't snooping around. I didn’t want to spoil it for my friends. And come on I am getting older now. Ha ha. Anyways, the point being, I didn't have to snoop around this time. The clues were presented to me on the platter. And only a fool would not figure out what is going on.

Actually, all that happened was a surprise. Just that each aspect of the surprise was gradually revealed and I was surprised in small steps. 'All' does not include the venue and the time. I knew that. And I suggested that time as that is when I would get back from work. Also, it would be easier if it were my apartment. So, it was held on my birthday in my apartment after I got back from work.

I didn’t know my mom was coming to town on my birthday! That was a surprise… Ah well, until the night before my birthday. When I was talking to my grandmother on the phone, she asked me what I wanted from home that she could send with mom! And I was like 'so when is mom coming?' There was utter silence after that. And the next day, when my cousin called to wish me he asked me if my had arrived. So, my suspicions were confirmed. that was one of the surprises that unfolded earlier than planned. Hence, it was a surprise nonetheless.

When I was coming back from work, I saw my brother's car parked out of the neighbourhood cake shop. And he walked in to the house a bit later with the cake and claimed that it wasn't the cake!

The people that turned up that day, many of them were surprises. The others I expected and I would have been surprised if they didn't turn up! That would have been a nasty surprise though. Oh, the people were supposed to be hiding upstairs and everybody was supposed to come in together. But then, some were misguided and landed up in my apartment while I was there!

The bottomline - I felt very loved and special! It was much better than I expected. Well, I wasn't expecting anything really, but it was one of the most memorable birthday 'surprise'.


Me said...

sorry i have been waddling in my self pity party and so haven't stopped by.
But Happy Birthday!!

bungi said...

Hey, thanks! Actually, you have wished me once already :)

But it is great to keep gettin birthday wishes even after a month and half after birthday!

editorialninja said...

surpises are always good.. whether or not u actually surprised is immaterial. i hope u sang for me while cutting that cake of urs =)

johndiamond said...

So when was your birthday??? Seems like we sang for you or atleast had your name called out ages ago... Are to trying hard to relive the memory (Sorry that doesn't sound me, the last sentence)

bungi said...

@ Archana - Oops. I didn't. But i do hope you sang for me. :P

@ John - Yes. It was ages ago. But you see, i haven't blogged about it at all! I had to. So i did.