Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Five questions

Here are my answers to the five questions from Just sayin' at Site Insights.

1. What are your feelings towards Americans? Do you feel the label of "Ugly American" is deserved? Why, or why not?

My feelings towards Americans is different when compared to my feelings towards America.

I have met Americans who are lovely people and I really respect them and hold them in high esteem.

Now America is the larger whole. Here I see the collective. I do appreciate the fact that America gives much importance to the freedom of its citizens. No other country takes freedom so seriously. But sometimes I wonder if this freedom and rights thing is taken too far. I find it silly, the way people sue for things that they should have been responsible for. There are far more serious issues. I must also say that America has and is contributing positively to a lot of global issues like AIDS and poverty - but sometimes with the contribution comes too much control. The whole we-know-better-so-listen-up attitude gets a bit to me. I do wish that America will wake up to the fact that there is a world outside and it is not just about its rights and comfort.

So, it is a lot of opinions. Well, everyone has opinions on America. It is so big on the map that you can't miss it. I must also say, what is said here is opinion formed on the basis of experience and what I have heard and read. This may be far from the truth. Please feel free to tell me I am wrong, but do it kindly please. I have a gentle heart. And it is not my intention to offend anybody.

2. You've said on your blog that you are prejudiced against certain people groups and nationalities. And that you are not proud of that. And are am working on it. Can you expand on that?

As one may have noticed in the previous answer, I tend to have strong opinions about certain countries and people groups. And they may be biases most of the time - without any rationale. These biases, I tend to carry it towards individuals and label them. I am not proud of that. I am working on it. Try to remove my tinted glasses when I interact with people. Meanwhile, I am also working on the biases towards the country or the people group as a whole.

3. If you could change any one thing about your life... Anything... What would it be and why?

I wish I could give up chocolate chip cookies… They add a lot of pounds. That's why.

4. If you could change any one thing about the world... Anything... What would it be and why?

The calorie-adding nature of chocolate! Do I need to give a reason?

5. What has been your greatest accomplishment to date, and what is one thing you hope to accomplish in the future?

I have learnt touch-typing!! Yay! I can do some 310 characters per minutes. Pretty cool, huh?!

I hope to, umm… travel the world and meet different people and eat different foods and do different things! Ah… *spiraling down into the dreamland*

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Anonymous said...

Yes chocolate is a scourge and must be dealt with! It's use is out of control and will be the downfall of women everywhere.

*munching on a cookie*

choconet said...

when you travel the world, come to Switzerland, Belgium or Germany - we claim to have the best chocolate.

Kerstin said...

Well dang. JS gave you some serious questions. Good answers though. I feel exactly the same about cookies. Only you can add cake to that for me. :)

Just Sayin' said...

Great answers! This was actually pretty fun.

Bungi said...

Trish - We can start a campaign "Free the chocolates from the calories" or something equally weird like that. Chocolate is good but it is the calories that is the scourge! What say?

Choconet - Chocolate did you say? Now i shall add eating chocolate in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium to the 'to be accomplished list'. And if you do happen to come to India, please bring me some chocolates.

Kerstin - Tell me about it! I sat thinking and editing and thinking and editing for a long time before i posted it. Cake could have gotten into the list too, but as i was eating chocolate chip cookies at the time of writing...

JS - That was a tough interview! I thought i would give some serious answers to Q. 3, 4, and 5. But then i though "Nah..."

Vitzy said...

Sure you can link me. Thanks so much for your kind commends, and for reading!

carrie said...

hello, i think you are pretty much right about what you said regarding americans.

i am one.

however i am the 'disenchanted disaffected'

Bungi said...

Vitzy - Oh, it was fun reading it... Will continue reading today as well...

Carrie - It was a generalization, what i said. Disenchanted, disaffected, eh? Thanks for droppin' by.