Thursday, May 24, 2007

May i help you

What is it about the human nature that we resist asking for help? And we find it below us to seek help? Well, I don't only mean psychiatric help here. Well, even that. Why is that a taboo?

We hesitate to say 'I don't know. Can you please teach me?', 'I'm lost. Can you give me the directions?', 'I am in trouble. Can you please help me?'. These are simple statements really. But why does it take so much effort?

Why don't we want to be seen as weak persons? Being in need, being lost, asking for help makes us seem weak. And we don't want to appear weak.

And the world around us seems to encourage that. In most work places, you are expected to find the answers yourself, even if you are bloody new in that place*. We pride ourselves in being strong. We look down on those who are weak.

And we all put up a show. All sham.

All of us are weak. Looking. Searching. Seeking. Lost. None of really have it together.

I think there should be a movement fighting the sterotype. Break out from 'being strong and self-made is cool' to 'it is ok to be weak and lost.'

I guess it is only when we confess - to ourselves first - that we are weak do we really become strong.

* I am not talking about my work place. These are things i have heard from people.

p.s. - throught out writing this post, i kept spelling weak as week. Don't know why i am telling you guys this.


The Mahathma said...

hmm... how i wish some ppl read ur post :p

Anju said...

Maybe because people think they'll find out the answer by accident. Like how you did for your profile picture :p

Bungi said...

Maha - Just give them my URL. :P

Anju - Ah well. Who knows?