Monday, August 06, 2007

Bits and pieces

After losing the one decent thought i had over the weekend, all i can share with you are the bits and pieces of the last two days... There is no particular logical order to these. They are as random as random could get.


Walls high up




Laughter and tears


Small mercies

Big mercies

Grace is sufficient



Weakness and strength

Work and passion







Questions without answers


p.s. - Apologies to Ryan, Nancy and Anna. 'Hello', 'Coffee', 'Lunch' and 'Chocolate' were supposed to make it into the list... But i was so overwhelmed by the 'goodbyes' I forgot to add those.


the queen beetle said...

whoa! that is quite an emotionally powerful 2 days u've had! actually come to think of it, if we put down the emotions we go through every hour, it could quite surprise us of wht we're capable of! hmmm...nice post...i like!

Anju said...

You pretty much summed up my weekend too. Except that I ranted and raved over six paragraphs. :p

chronicwriter said...

were you stoned this weekend?

Bungi said...

Beetle Q - The weekend was indeed intense... Too intense for my liking, i suppose... Thank you.

Anju - Lol... Ah well... I am a person of fewer words may be. :P

CW - If i were stoned i don't think i would have felt any of what i felt... Not that i have been stoned before. I am assuming...

ScRiBbLeR said...

Quite a busy weekend ??!!

Praney said...

Seems like you kept watching different movies this weekend :)

OTW, so many of emotions in two days?? O'sum !

PurpleHeart said...

Bungi, Are you feeling better now ?

JollyRoger said...

Too much rain?

PS: U have been tagged

Me said...

that is an emotionally charged weekend, yeah?
Even though you lost your idea, this post is so cool that I wish I thought of it first!

Bungi said...

Gomathy - I wouldn't call it busy. It was emotionally draining and intense.

Praney - Lol... Not movies, but drama in real life. Don't know whether so many emotions in two days is awesome really. :P

Sandhya - A lot better and back to normal. Thank God for busy weekdays. Thank you for asking.

Roger - Too much rain?! Huh?

Me - Yep. Very emotional indeed. Goodbyes are never easy. Especially when loneliness is the predominant feeling of the moment. Beat ya to it!! :P

The Mahathma said...

Ufff! i give up

The Mahathma said...

who is saying goodbye to you so much! ive been hearing it for sometime now! tell that person to leave!

pravin said...

You had one decent thought? Gee ... I wonder what your indecent thoughts were >:D. mwhaa

Why are there more negative and less positive key words?

Sandy Carlson said...

"Weakness and strength/Work and passion" are interesting pairs to be beside each other. Very interesting. I am going to live with these words today and see where they take me.

I enjoy your blog!

The Mahathma said...

ok im writint what u want to reply!

"its not one person ,its many "

Jude said...

how naughty

Bungi said...

Mahathma - There. You have said it yourself!

Pravin - More negative stuff because i was feeling more negative may be? :P

Sandy - So where did it lead you? And thank you. :)
I'd like to see what you think of my two new posts...

Jude - Naughty? Uh?

Ryan said...

WHAT??? hello is not in the list? why?