Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Surrendered Dreams

Dream your dream. After you are done dreaming, inhale a lungful of reality. It hits you hard, doesn't it?

The very nature of dreams is, it is above and beyond that which is. It is inspirational. It edges on the impossible. If it does not then it is merely planning for the future. It is not a dream really.

That is the sad thing about dreams too. It is something that is inviting. Something that you desire, something that would allow you to be you. Something that is just beyond the grasp. Something that could be… if not for reality.

Indumathi's Surrendered Dreams (தரையில் இறங்கும் விமானங்கள்) tells the story of dreams and reality. While the aspirations are high and visions propel a person, duty and obligation has the capacity to cause the dreams to come tumbling down.

Person after person sacrifice their dreams for the sake of the other in the family. This cycle of sacrifice doesn't seem to stop. Those who haven't yet sacrificed do not understand those who have and in fact, are disappointed that one so great has also succumbed to the ordinary. When the idealist becomes a realist, it seems to the world that he has stooped too low.

But is that so?

Those who sacrificed have entered a different league altogether. Although they feel the pain of surrendered dreams, they have become nobler people simply because they have put the others before themselves and even before their own dreams. They have become nobler also because they are now aware of their nobility…


PurpleHeart said...

There's this line I like, Every morning when you wake up, you have the choice to do either of these two - You can go back to sleep to dream more or You get up to chase those dreams and bring them to reality.

Julie Layne said...

There is also certainly a difference between surrendering dreams for the sake of others and surrendering them simply because you gave up--didn't think you could do it because you believed those around you (or a voice inside you) who said it was stupid to even try.

The key is in knowing the difference, I guess.

Pensativo said...

From outside they have become something else but from inside there would always be some guilt feeling in them...The feeling of some kinda emptiness ...others priority are important but it doesn't mean that yo put yous on your hold.
You have only one life. and nobody knows how long it would be. One should live the way he/she wants until and unless you are not going to harm others in severe.
Pursuing your dreams is something I feel every person do.
That's the thing ..that brings you innner satisfaction :)

Sandy Carlson said...

In her memoir recently published memoir Speaking of Faith, Krista Tippett calls up the adage, "In the end, we are judged by how we loved, not by what we accomplished." I think that is true. There is no greater joy than realizing the people you love mean more to you than anything you could do and that loving them well is a way to honor your name and to love the Creator. That is wisdom. Thanks for this insightful post, Bungi. You made my evening.

Bungi said...

Sandhya - Yeah. I have heard of that one... I'd personally like to sleep a bit longer. :p

Julie - Yeah. That is something i did not think about... And yes, it is important to know the difference.

Pensativo - I am not sure. I think sometimes really loving means really laying down one's life for the other. And in doing that we may have to sacrifice our dreams. I think question is, do we hold a grudge against those for whom we sacrificed our dreams? If the answer is yes, then i think we haven't really sacrificed.

Sandy - Now i am more inspired to read Speaking of Faith. I agree with you. Love is greater than even all our greatest achievements...

ryan said...

Oh man this sucks! You tell me i will never have my dreams? But i want it, how about compromise, i will dream big and be happy when i get halfway there.

Bungi said...

Ryan - *duh* That's not what i said... Tsk tsk. You did not get the point of this post, did you?